Flight Week

As with past ISARRA conferences, we will be holding a flight week to allow participants to share their platforms and sensors with the community and to demonstrate the powerful perspectives provided by UAS.  This flight week, scheduled for 14-21 July and entitled "Lower Atmospheric Process Studies at Elevation - a Remotely-piloted Aircraft Team Experiment (LAPSE-RATE)", will occur in Colorado's San Luis Valley, a high-altitude valley that includes farmland, grassland, rivers and sand dunes and is surrounded by tall mountain peaks.  This environment should provide a variety of interesting sampling opportunities related to boundary layer structure and development and its connection to complex terrain, convective initiation, aerosol properties, surface fluxes and more.

The San Luis Valley provides a good combination of an interesting sampling environment, a good road system, lodging options and support of UAS activities.  It also offers participants an opportunity to operate in an environment that is relatively unique to Colorado and the US mountain west.

We have obtained limited funding to support travel related to participation in this activity. Additionally, we are working to include deployment of surface-based instrumentation.  Because of the type of coordination required to conduct a field campaign including UAS, any parties interested in participating in the flight week are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible to move the planning process forward.